Angela Booth's Lazy Rich Blogger

Angela Booth's Lazy Rich Blogger

Angela Booth's Lazy Rich Blogger

Angela Booth's Lazy Rich Blogger

Lazy Rich Blogger helps people who want to make money to develop a profitable business based on blogging.

"Become a Blogging Maestro

"With Lazy Rich Blogger – Whatever You Want to Do, a Blog

Makes It Possible..."

From: Angela Booth
Re: Angela Booth's Lazy Rich Blogger Method

Dear Fellow Blogger To-Be

A blog is a powerful tool.

Lost your job? Get a better one when you blog...

Hate your job? Turn a blog into a business, and make more money than you could ever make at a day job...

Want to promote something? A blog is a powerful low-cost option to promote anything at all, whether it's a business or a service...

You can make a great income when you blog. Turn a blog into a million-dollar business, as many bloggers have done.

Blogging is just about the easiest business you can set up. Think about it: you can create a blog in minutes, which can build into an income you've only dreamed of.

But while blogging is deceptively easy, creating a successful blog is by no means as simple as tossing a blog online and waiting for the money to roll in.

Blogging is easy, but you need a method that works

Many people who hear that bloggers make big incomes decide they can do it too -- and they can, of course. But they imagine that all they need to do is create a blog.

So they create a blog, which may take them three minutes, or three months, if they install WordPress, and spend weeks tinkering with themes and other bells and whistles. Then they make a post or three. Perhaps they're over-achievers, and make 30 posts.

Unfortunately, the silence is deafening. Where's all the traffic and most importantly of all, where's their income?

While blogging is easy, once you know a method which works, the 95 per cent of bloggers who abandon their blogs have no method at all.

Imagine creating a blog which you KNOW will make an income...

It's possible to sidestep all the blogging pitfalls, and create blogs which make money.

I've been doing that for six years now. I own well over 100 blogs. Some of my blogs make little income, while others make rather a lot.

I'm no genius. I started blogging in 2001 and 2002, more for my own amusement than with the idea of making money blogging. When I did decide I wanted profitable blogs, I made every mistake possible.
Here are just a few of the mistakes I made:

* I created blogs without having a monetization strategy in place;

* I created blogs on platforms which were too complex. Here's an example: I spent roughly $3,000 on one platform. It was a hugely complex beast, and I read the manuals for days before I got comfortable with the system... but unfortunately the platform was also a spam magnet. The developers were so keen to add ever more features that they paid no attention to basic security. After trying to delete roughly 15,000 spam messages, I solved the problem by removing the entire blog. It was a painful lesson to keep it simple -- SIMPLE and fast is good when you're blogging;

* I created blogs targeting audiences which were rabid for information, but which never bought anything...

Sad, right? :-)

But good news for you, because eventually I did come up with my own highly profitable method of creating money-making blogs. I've shared some of the method with my Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) web writing students, but I've never made the entire method available, until now.

(If you're asking WHY I decided to share it, here's the answer: nothing annoys me more than people wasting time on things which don't work. When you know what works, you share it. It's good karma. :-))

I make money from my blogs by promoting my own products on them, and by selling others' products on them as an affiliate. There are many ways to make money with your blogs, and in Lazy Rich Blogger I'll show you the methods which I know work, because they work for me, they work for my students, and they also work for others who make money blogging.

Here's a secret: there's no real mystery to making money by blogging. You can see what others do, because you can see what they're doing on their blogs. However, what you don't and can't see, is how they choose what to promote, and what strategies are being used to turn their blogs into money makers. It all comes down to a method... and I'm about to share my own method with you.

You can live the bloggers' lifestyle

Want to live the bloggers' lifestyle? Imagine being your own boss. You have no commitments, other than to blog.

You decide when you'll post to your blog -- and from where. Your office is contained in your notebook computer. You could be sitting at your kitchen table, or at a cafe in Paris.

Once you know how to set up successful blogs, you can create new streams of income whenever you wish. You'll have the time and the energy to enjoy your family, or to travel.

When you're a professional blogger, you have freedom.

If this sounds exciting, read on.

Introducing -- Angela Booth's Lazy Rich Blogger method

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After several years of trial and error, these days I create blogs which I know will make money: I've cracked the code. Not only do my blogs make money almost immediately, they'll also keep on making money for years to come.

If you wish, you can join me on the blogging journey. I hope you do. As the Internet grows ever larger, there are endless opportunities which can turn you into a lazy, rich blogger.

Here's what you'll discover in Angela Booth's Lazy Rich Blogger:
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The Lazy Rich Blogging mindset: how to make blogging easy and fast. If you're spending an hour a day on your blog, that's too long;
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Exactly how to set up a blog that guarantees you an income;
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How to create set-and-forget blogs ( I call it drive-by blogging) -- these are blogs which you can set up in a couple of hours, and which will make you money for years with minimal maintenance;
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How to blog about what YOU know, so that blogging is fast and fun. Everyone has topics in which they're an expert. We'll look at how you can assess your life, and come up with profitable areas in which you can blog;
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How to create double-duty blogs (the secret sauce);
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How you can build blogs to "flip", that is, how to create blogs which you intend to sell, somewhere along the line. You'll discover exactly what makes a blog appealing to a buyer (hint: the blog makes money), and how to promote your blog to genuine buyers;
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How to create both maxi and mini blogs. Want a huge blog? You'll discover how it's done. You'll also discover how to create mini money-makers;
Stacks Image 26
How to blog as a second income, and then, when you know it's time, how to transition to full-time blogging;
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The secrets of outsourcing: what you can and should outsource, and how to do it more cheaply than you believe possible;
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And much more... :-)

Have fun -- it's easy when you have a method which works

Here's my promise: you'll have a lot of fun with this. :-)

You'll learn my Lazy Rich Blogger method as a step by step process
You'll enjoy my Lazy Rich Blogger method. It's presented so that your blog grows with you, as you gain expertise.

Each week, for 26 weeks, you'll receive an easy-to-print PDF file, with that week's lesson. The lessons are short, some are just three pages, others are ten pages. They're fast to read, and to put into action. Each lesson includes a task at the end. Sometimes a lesson will include a separate tutorial, either in PDF tutorial format, or as a video. Sometimes you'll receive bonus templates, and themes, which you can use on your own blog.

Week by week, the tasks you complete turn you into a Lazy Rich Blogger -- a blogging pro.

Here's my promise to you: the tasks are EASY, even if you have no technical know-how, because you'll have all the information you need.

Week by week, you become a blogging maestro

You'll make progress, right from the very first lesson, because you'll learn my Lazy Rich Blogger method one step at a time.

Here's how:
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Each lesson includes a task for you to complete. You can complete most tasks in under an hour. So, if you can spare an hour a week, you can become a lazy rich blogger.
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There's no waffle, and no theory. I'm not going to belabor you with junk like "the history of blogging". Who cares? You'll learn just what you need to learn, to complete that week's task.
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You'll start blogging -- the money-making way -- almost immediately. Each lesson's tasks helps you to create your blog(s). First one, then many. (I need to emphasize that Lazy Rich Blogger contains no dubious blogging methods -- no "auto-blogging" or other silliness. Your blogs will be genuine, helpful to your audience, and original: you'll be proud of every blog you create.)
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Got a question? Ask! I never leave you hanging, and I'm determined that you succeed. Contact us, and either Julia (my wonderful assistant) or I will get back to you within hours, often within minutes. I want you to have fun while you're blogging, just like I do. :-)
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As your expertise builds week by week, your income will increase. Complete each lesson's task, and watch your income grow.
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Coaching: your key to Lazy Rich Blogging Success

Your membership in the Lazy Rich Blogging training includes coaching. You can contact me at any time with questions, and I urge you to do so.

This training was created for bloggers at all levels of experience. Whether you're a newbie blogger, or already have a blog, this training will take your blogging to a whole new level.

Early reviewers have said:

"Blogging seemed like too much work until I got a taste of easy blogging with Lazy Rich Blogger. I'm on my fourth lesson, and I'm excited. I know I can do this now." Brian R. USA

"I'm 62. Looking for a job is hard. Angela knows about my golf addiction, and explained that I can turn my know-how into money. Three days after I created my golf blog, I made a sale ($200 as an affiliate)! Lazy Rich Blogger is packed with information. The tutorials work." Dawn H. UK

"Blogging is magic. After one month, I have 200 visitors a day to my blog. And I make sales -- two this week. The Lazy Rich Blogger method works. Thank you, Angela. Can't wait till my next lesson. :-)" Susan R. Spain.

Want to get the flavor of the Lazy Rich Blogger training?

Read an excerpt of the first lesson.
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Claim your membership now, they're limited

Come and join us. You'll love the training, and you'll create blogs which will bring you an income for years. I need to limit memberships, so I'll close the membership to new members occasionally, because my own time is limited, and I'm determined to help you to success.

Subscribe weekly, monthly, or save when you pay for the complete training.

Payment is via PayPal, so your information is completely secure.

Weekly payment (26 weeks): $18.97 per week

Monthly payment (six payments): $67 per month

Complete payment in full (SAVE!): $349

How payment works
When you click the Subscribe button, you're taken to a subscription page, which looks like this image:
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You can pay with your PayPal account, or you can pay via credit card, or bank account. Your payment is completely secure: it's handled by PayPal.

How your subscription operates

On subscription, you'll receive subscription activation instructions within eight hours on a business day - often within minutes. Once you activate your subscription, you'll receive Lesson One and your bonus at once, and your future weekly lessons once a week.

Payment is every four weeks via PayPal.

You'll receive your weekly lesson in PDF format. Your bonus will either also be in PDF, or you'll receive a link to an downloadable tutorial, audio file, ebook or video.
You get all the materials you need to ensure your success, WITH your subscription. There's nothing further to buy, or to pay.

Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time - but I'm sure you won't. :-)

I wish you much success with your blogging - see you in class! I look forward to getting to know you as we blog together. :-)

With much affection -

Angela Booth
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Questions? Contact me.

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